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Do-able exercise for all ages - even me. Good luck ladies, put yourself first. Good luck on your journey. By now, at age 70, I have lost 72 pounds. I have lost the weight without feeling hungry. I am now in my sixties 61 and could also do with advise.

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Physically in good shape, just over weight. I exercise daily, mainly walking, alternating fast and slower intervals. Just love her pleasant disposition and sweet smile. This is all so confusing. I love JS workouts!!.

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I started walking the 3 miles to and from work as the most efficient way to get daily exercise. Spread it throughout the dayhitting at least 20 to 25 grams of protein at breakfast. I especially loved Peanut. Completed before work today. Thanks for getting me to move this morning. Jessica Smith has become my new all-time favorite!.

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Trying to rack up a few more steps today. I am vegetarian, 50yearsalways did exercise modern dance and aerobicsbut I love my food, without overdoing it. Check out her playlists on YouTube, extensive and truly impressive. I stayed in good terms with my waight and exercise routine and eating habits. I need suggestions —how do I begin.

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