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Can i take chiken,beaf or mutton in 5 day,n can i take green tea. Control your diet and Exercise regularly. Can i eat cron?. In my nest visit she was sarcastic when i told that during this period I had for a couple of times samosa and cheese pizza slice. There is not need to cut the cereals below 150 gms of cooked rice or two rotis.

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Weight loss is such as hard thing to nail down and get right — but we all know that a healthy diet, good mental attitude and perseverance pays off. After the 7 day wat to follow after that shpuld we go to normal diet or any other diet plan hw can we maintain the same. I am following this diet but can i use any type of sauce on the rice just to add a falavour. How much Rice one should eat in a meal. I tink u never folow properly. If you really want to know if you are eating too weight loss tips for the week by 7 kg, in terms of losing weight, you can try an online calorie calculator. I must admit that over the last 6 months I have been slipping up and have had moments where I indulge, but I never let myself feel bad about it.

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Beginner Workouts for Women. Decided no more doctors for me -- I can change by myself. Click here to see our G uest Recipes. Maybe remove sugar from drinks or adding in any extra sugar into foods. I once again insist that its always better to consult your doctor and dietitian if you decide for weight reduction January 20, 2011 6:.

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Anupam Cut down your carb diet. Riana, Everyone is different and the results will vary greatly depending on those differences, i. Fast weight loss tip 4: You know what to do — you really do — and you know what makes your life work and function, so make the compromise, have some sugar and remove the rest!!. Latter being the most important can mark the onset of many diseases. Would you help me?. When hungry, we tend to eat more cereals to fill the stomach.

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