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He just prescribed reglan to help the spasms in the intestines. I do eat dairies but no fish, no chicken or beef no flesh foodand an occasional egg a few times a year. Instead, pour one serving of the snack into a bowl, then put the package away. The more I take the better I feel after a meal. Which of the following workout tips will help you achieve your goals?.

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I started to take Betaine HCL with pepsin for my low stomach acid issues and it helped a lot but caused a big increase in uric acid levels. I have been to 3 dr. I stopped with my antacids abruptly as well and had this effect approx. Personally, I retain information a lot better with that method. Any progress in that area?.

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I have lost lots of weight since then. Thank you for all the advice and words of motivation. I have no hesitation in highly recommending The Lazy Trader. I think I will test for it and see what results are. Is this true, or is it a good idea to take plenty of fluid when eating, does this encourage acid production?.

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How much and when does one drink of this. I also get that constant feeling of acid rising sometimes… I am really worried about my digestion. Did Betaine HCL supplementation help. Avoiding coffee altogether the stomach will take away even the lazy as well. I will test out the supplements and I am seeing my GI doctor tomorrow. I mean about 200 burps in one evening after trying to eat just a small amount. Thank you so much!!!.

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