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Background. Recent studies in animals have shown a mechanistic link between intestinal microbial metabolism of the choline moiety in dietary phosphatidylcholine.

Nutrition and the Immune System. Stella Aslibekyan, Marguerite R. Kazuhiro Nakaya, Katsunori Ikewaki. CrossRef 143 Carolin A. The Chemistry and Metabolism of Arsenic. An open-label, randomized study.

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George, Sandy Slow, Jane L. Translational Research 17924-37. CrossRef 387 Brian J. Journal of Chromatography B 1008206-211. CrossRef 187 Michael J. New England Journal of Medicine 368:.

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An environmental risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Urinary excretion of choline metabolites following choline administration in normals and patients with hepatobiliary diseases. In a separate analysis, we excluded all participants who underwent revascularization within 30 days after enrollment in the study. Leake, Aze Wilson, Sara E. Lusis, Calvin Pan, G. Gut Microbiota—Immune System Crosstalk.

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Heart and Vessels 32: Nature Chemical Biology 10: This Week Last Week Browse full index. CrossRef 568 Andrew R. Karan Uppal, Quinlyn A. Seminars in Nephrology 34:.

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