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Birth records from Rakov - Vitaly Charny list To: Thank you so much for your time and resources. A few years ago he invited me to attend a program at Yad Vashem in his honor where he dedicated all of his writings and books to Yad Vashem. My husband and I visited Belarus this year as my paternal Lose Weight on the abolition of Yarin, Zendle, came from there GorodokRadokovichi, Belaruchi etc I took various photos and made notes. Youngest son Avrum and their father survived the war as well. As if being German means being a Nazi.

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The Vilner Real-Gymnasium Graduation picture 1930 The three upper rows are photographs of the teachers; below them are photographs of the school graduates. During the Holocaust he lost his whole first family. Natalia Dubowska who had a medical practice in Kobylnik, 1930-40. He died in 1986. I am hoping to learn more about this picture.

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He was a merchant and married Lea nee Viner. Sarah Ethel Landau your relative. Joel Ratner Visit our home page at. He was a pupil and a teenager. I noticed that you have some photos of this village and I was wondering if you have any knowledge of family names from there.

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I have some photos and many other data but the main task of mine to find our cousins in USA. Sometimes they would hold a series of performances, evening after evening, and the community of Kurenets would gather to see the plays. I thank Piotr Hodyra for providing the information. During the war she was in Ilja, Poland. Sura was maried with Lezjor Barenholz.

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