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I certainly know that I now crave the taste and calming sense of drinking the Aloe Vera — especially after a lot of exercise, long days or too much partying. Hi Mary — no, of course its okay to eat the free foods during the first two days. In addition, is it ok to drink green tea during the 9days. I am sticking to everything else on how to lose weight in the past month zo kg program. Advice on headaches is here http: Aloe Vera works better when taken on an empty stomach as it is absorbed more easily. My 2nd question is what is only an apple be added to choclate shake.

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Join us on facebook. Have you read this Lisa http: Hello, this is the 4th day of my clean 9 programme and no results yet why. But really need to jumpstart my weightloss journey. It might make sense from a comfort point of view — in that the first two days are a version of fasting and that would probably be more comfortable after the period has finished. Now you have a monthly net cost — divide that by 30 days — and you arrive at the real cost of FIT 1.

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Hi Angeline — no, Clean 9 is not right for you. I fear I might not get good results on my clease. Will it be ok to use C9 while doing CrossFit. Take an extra Forever Lite shake plus soya, almond or rice milk etc… and have a smaller meal instead. If you send me a reply, I suggest the best supplements for you. I finished the clean 9 about a week ago. I have written an extra article all about how to continue after Clean 9 with the FIT 1 programme.

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The Clean 9 is just a starter anyway, if you want long term weight loss — move onto Fit 1 adapted programme — let me know if I can help. Hi Neil, I am overweight and would love to try Clean9, am resident in abuja Nigeria, how can I get the product. Camping, holidays etc, ruin me!!. Thanks for your questions — I have updated the page and answered them here http: Especially during the first two days- are you only meant to have one thing a day?!.

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