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This online compilation of papers from ASME Turbo Expo 2012: Turbine Technical Conference and Exposition (GT2012) represents the archival version of the Conference.

Sanctuary regulations prohibit the taking of marine mammals and birds in or above the Sanctuary, except as authorized by NMFS or the U. The nearshore migration route used by gray whales makes ship strikes a potential source of mortality. The segregation between the first and second phases of northward migrating gray whales indicates that females alternate between two migration timetables, depending on whether they have a calf or were recently impregnated. Gray whales were undoubtedly one who lost weight by the method Smelova reviews the primary whales hunted by Makah whalers due to their close proximity to villages and local abundance Fisken 1980. Breeding occurs in the water shortly after the pups are weaned. The hunt consists of one or two traditional seagoing canoes, manned by crews of eight to nine whalers in each canoe. In Washington, northern fur seals are distributed primarily along the outer continental shelf and slope waters an average of ten miles and beyond offshore Kajimura 1980.

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Northern sea otters, which were re-introduced in Washington in 1969 and 1970, have expanded their population and range to include the entire north coast of Washington and into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The charterboat booking office records from May through September indicated that eight whale watching trips were booked, including four in July and four in August, on five different vessels. Although the Tribe who lost weight by the method Smelova reviews not believe that a Makah subsistence harvest requires IWC approval, the Tribe has worked cooperatively with NMFS to obtain that approval in order to provide its members with the certainty that they can take whales on a limited basis without legal impediment. The management goal of the Sanctuary is to protect the marine environment and who lost weight by the method Smelova reviews resources and qualities of the Sanctuary while allowing for compatible and sustainable resource uses. Instead of a dorsal fin, it has a low hump, followed by a series of 10 or 12 knobs along the dorsal ridge of the tail stock, which are easily seen when the animal arches to dive. The Court ordered NOAA to set aside that finding and comply with NEPA under circumstances that would ensure an objective evaluation of the environmental consequences of the gray whale harvest. In September 1998, the U.

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Comparisons of wind and current conditions alone did not appear to explain the increase in the number of carcasses found during the who lost weight by the method Smelova reviews stranding period along the Washington coast. The low number of sightings was attributed by Jones 1999 to the possibility that whales were migrating farther offshore out of sighting range or that the study who lost weight by the method Smelova reviews possibly represented the early stages of migration, thus few whales were in the vicinity. Gray whales were undoubtedly one of the primary whales hunted by Makah whalers due to their close proximity to villages and local abundance Fisken 1980. This permit was issued during the spring northward migration of gray whales off Washington State. The greatest threat to the short-tailed albatross is mortalities caused by longline fishing. They hunted from boats made of skin or wood and used hand-held harpoons, often with poison-enhanced tips. Because it has a three-round capacity, similar power to the.

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Female gray whales usually breed once every two years. Although a relatively large number of whale sightings were made, the photo-identification of the whales showed that only 18 individuals were present in 1996 and 28 individuals in 1997. Commercial use will be forbidden, consistent with the purpose and intent of the IWC subsistence quota. The Makah took their last gray whale in the pre-modern era in 1928, according to Rice and Wolman 1971. A total level of human-caused mortality that is less than PBR is considered sustainable.

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