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I seem to sleep longer. Just an fyi my wife like many others was a lifetime Weight Watchers member to no avail. Tight, 60 Capsules, S. My waist size has shrunk by 5 in. Abstaining from alcohol, exercising, losing weight, and eating a healthy diet with little grease, sugars and salts will help you reverse the condition in both cases. Losing weight without harm to health of doctors reviews slept all the way through last night without taking any Zolpidem- first time in years. I just went through this page, found its very helpful and usable.

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What is the risk level and suggestions. I saw this by accident. Make sure you also vary your diet, as most restaurant foods are very high in fat, sugar and salt. I just had ultrasound showing worse fatty liver than in 2011. My endocrinologist said he has never seen anything like this and jokingly asked it I really did have diabetes in the first place. Yes, you can eat eggs and chicken.

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In the past, I would eat 3 to 5 meals a day, along with my chips and 4 to 5 klondike bars. Doctor want to cut my cholesterol med in half. Originally got the Rx because of pre-T2dM conditions. I now have six friends on Belviq and have heard no complaints but see happy folks losing pounds with and without exercise. Find an active hobby like joining a sports team, cut out fast food restaurants, and find time to make your own meals.

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Several of her friends from the Weight Watchers group noticed the weight loss and she told them about Belviq. No side effects so far. I have not felt this good in 20 years with the asthma being nearly gone also. Latest Update August 30, 2016. Glad I will be taking this beyond 3 months.

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