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Just wanted to find hot wraps for weight loss reviews. Sometimes your skin goes through a purge when you start taking it, if you keep taking it, it should clear up and be better than ever. I called to cancel my order, but they wont cancel for three months which makes me angry. I tried the wrap and only lost an inch. Content according to studies is 0. I love the Defining Gel. I agree with you that the wrap did not work…superficially it did but then it did not last!.

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They wraps are designed to tighten, tone and firm. I am in bp meds and depression meds I just started thermal fit and the fat blocker has anyone ever reported having any issues with this product and being on bp meds or depression meds. BUT, the Greens are wonderful. My first box of wraps 4 I lost a total of 11 inches. I smoke trying to hot wraps for weight loss reviews and it works my first wrap i lost 6 inches total on my tummy my second one i lost almost 3.

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Please make sure you see your doctor before trying this product since the adhesive might give you some adverse reactions as well. I am a loyal customer as well and when I called they did refund my package with no extra fee. Hot wraps for weight loss reviews time I would take it I would throw it up about 30 mins later. I do not want to lose hope, but if I must and have to, I will discontinue. Mix the greens with a little juice it IfItaste great and I had no problem mixing.

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I was able to get her order replaced before they determined what happened to it by working with customer service on her behalf. Even when done the right way it will not work for everyone. It Hot wraps for weight loss reviews offers a bunch of weight-loss products, which is exactly why we decided to write up a review on them. I use fat fighters. So in time you may want to consider trying natural meds and foods and exercise to help you.

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