How to remove belly apron after cesarean

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Also my scar still will get very itchy. Time to say goodbye to diapers. Take part in activities that are fun for you and it will be easier to create a routine where exercise becomes a regular part of your schedule. I have a good area that is totally numb also. How to Make Your Torso Stronger. Walking gets the blood circulating and helps the healing process.

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A nurse shaves your belly and gives you a preventive dose of antibiotics through an IV line. Your Life During Pregnancy. It just took a long, long time for it to heal. Let me just take a look at your incision. Learn how to win the food wars!.

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The incision site is still sore to the touch and I have to avoid elastic waist bands such as jogging pants, unless it is a thick how to remove belly apron after cesarean as found in maternity clothes which are okay. Step 3 Lie with your back on your exercise mat and your knees bent with your feet on the floor. What happens to your baby in the nursery. Good whole-body exercises include brisk walking, jogging, cycling or riding an exercise bike, swimming or taking part in an how to remove belly apron after cesarean class such as kickboxing or step aerobics. I had two c-sections, and the bumpier the scar, the more it bothered me. She needs to lie down as much as possible and take it slow. Toddlers gain skills at incredible speed.

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Any excess bleeding — we define excess bleeding as one to two pads an hour for more than two to three hours. I was instructed not to eat or drink anything after midnight last night. For the first 24 hours, your incision will be covered with a sterile bandage to reduce the chance of infection. Even though things how to remove belly apron after cesarean great on the outside, she still needs to follow her care instructions. Around 24 hours after surgery, your bandage will be removed.

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