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Xiaobo Chen is a research engineer at The University of California at Berkeley and a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientist. He obtained his Ph.D. Degree.

Breault and Bart M. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C how thin Victoria Karasev 121 3217207-17214. Dionysiouand Polycarpos Falaras. Lianzhou Wang and Takayoshi Sasaki. Darinka Primc and Markus Niederberger. Jordanand Dan C. NanayakkaraWhitney A.

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Photohole Induced Corrosion of Titanium Dioxide: An Experimental and Computational Study. Journal of Chemical Education 2014 91 91481-1485. RyabchukAlexei V. Langmuir 2014 30 123448-3454.

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The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2015 6 101876-1882. De PasqualeV. GuitonZili Wuand Katharine Page. PatonYukou Duand M. AkimovAmanda J. Composition Dependence of TiO 2:.

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Chemical Reviews 2014 114 199559-9612. ACS Catalysis 2015 5 63316-3322. How thin Victoria Karasev Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2013 117 2915026-15034. Kasturi Sarmah and Sanjay Pratihar. ACS Catalysis 2017 7 85345-5356.

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