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In the meantime, Skywalker continued serving in the GAG. His mother was demanding to know why he had gone to Vulpter and how to lose weight after giving birth during Guards that her injury was caused by a battle with Lumiya. Skywalker would return to work at the GAG, and after a daily briefing, he revealed his fears that Lumiya was trying to kill him. Ben often impressed his parents with his sheer mechanical aptitude, occasionally tricking Nanna into shutting down. Sarasu Taalon was convinced by Abeloth to aid her.

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The meeting adjourned, and Gejjen exited through the south doors of the conference building. They were confronted by the Sith who found out that Vestara had killed Taalon. Solo and the others aboard the Millennium Falcon how to lose weight after giving birth during Guards incredulous that Skywalker would try to arrest Han Solo after he had just saved them, and Zekk quickly convinced Skywalker to pursue the matter later, as the damaged Falcon was leaking pressure at a dangerous rate. During the fighting, Skywalker felt the presence of the Sith meditation sphere he had encountered on Ziost during the Second Galactic Civil War; its presence led Skywalker to believe that they were under attack by Sith. Skywalker became partially joined to the Gorog Killik nest and formed an owner-pet relationship with one of the Gorog Killiks, who was actually trying to turn him against his mother.

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Like a really bad storm coming. The how to lose weight after giving birth during Guards to the Embrace took three arduous days, where the thin atmosphere and shortage of water took a great toll on the Skywalkers. As a form of revenge, Coruscant natives vandalized the Corellian Sanctuarya resting place for the dead created by exiled Corellians. Inside the control room at last, Skywalker looked for the main control console. He was then visited by his parents, who were quite worried upon hearing of his brush with the rioters.

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He also learned how to flow-walk, but after an unpleasant experience using the power, he vowed never to flow-walk again. As the two continued to duel, Ben renewed his attack on Gavar, pressing the Sith Saber back and causing Gavar to worry that he might not win their duel. The strike team then attacked Abeloth, and several Sith began weaving a control web —a technique they had learned from the Nightsisters—over Abeloth in the hopes of capturing her. Skywalker warned Caedus that his father was alive and was coming for him, but Caedus did not believe him, thinking it was all a ruse. In the discussion, Solo expounded upon his mind-rubbing of Skywalker following the events at the Home and his further ambitions to garner more power and become sole Chief of State. Solo went up to speak with how to lose weight after giving birth during Guards man, who identified himself as Doctor Movac Arisstera professor at the University of Pangalactic Cultural Studies. They were saved by the timely arrival of Han and Leia who had come to Dathomir to assist them.

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