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How to Lose Weight. There are many reasons why you might want to lose weight. If you have been significantly overweight or obese for a long time, then you might have.

Meaning vegetables a lot of vegetables are almost no calories such as onions, garlic, celery, zuccini, squash, cucumbers, pickles, bell peppers etc. Is there an alternative to milk on day 4. No need to fear. Hi Adam, im a 23 year old mother of a 10 month old daughter. You should consume your regular food now but make sure it is free of any junk.

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If you feel hungry, try to eat more fruits and of course drink water. Hi, how much weight can i lose in 6 weeks, if i do weight training 4 days a week with 30 mins of interval training on an eliptical and 1 day of high intensity cardio for how quickly lose weight kg for 7 days 1-2 hrs. Please suggest me about a good diet and exercise program and by the way I am vegetarian too. No specific guidelines, but we can talk about it in email if you want. The thing is that everytime I ask how I could lose weight they say eat right and excersize but I want them to tell me exactly what to eat and how to workout so any one know any health plans I could stick to. Start again with day 1 for effective and desired results.

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Can I eat anything other than Tomato. I have the same problem as Julia, basically I want to weigh around 120, it would really help. Gina March 23, 2013 at 12: If you are aware of how much time you usually sleep, you should go to bed early to fill in those hours. I want to reduce my wt from 80 to 70.

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Your stomach will not be able to tolerate it. I never had tomato in my life. I have tea one egg 2 bran bread slices and some chiken once a day only. Is it going to work also. Shall I try this diet????.

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