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I want to share with you a recipe I've created that has greatly helped me on my weight loss journey. It's based off of research I've done about coconut oil.

I like Mint Chocolate Chip. The Snickerdoodle recipe looks like it would be my fave. Detox smoothie recipes are really easy to make:. My favorite recipe is the dark chocolate mocha shake. Brings back childhood memories. My favorite is my own.

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I also am a fan of the blackberry blast. Those look easy and delicious. Both of my weaknesses together in smoothie no guilt form. Right now my favorite go to is a simple banana shake using vanilla ideal shake blended with a banana. Actually, they all sound delicious. See more great recipes in The Zero Belly Cookbook!.

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The nitrates found in beets thin smoothie recipe in a blender for weight loss your blood so it can flow more easily to hard-working muscles, increasing endurance and lowering blood pressure. I like to make my shakes like an iced mocha but so far my favorite recipe is the cinnamon roll shake from the e-book, but I would love a chance to win the mint chocolate chip shake mix because I love mint and chocolate and the mint chip shake recipe that you posted on Facebook was really yummy. In a blender vanilla ideal mix with a small amount of almond milk, Greek yogurt, fresh pine apple, mango with coconut flakes. IdealShape Orange Cream Pop is my absolute favourite. I love ideal shake they are the best and so good for you. Love the spinach and berrie smoothy. I like the Blackberry Blast using frozen blackberries, but like to switch it up with frozen mixed berries and a half of a frozen banana sometimes.

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The snickerdoodle sounds amazing. Chocolate coconut is my favorite although I have never tried it with the ricotta and am looking forward to trying it that way. I love Idealshake Snickerdoodle Weight Loss shake. My favorite is the Snickerdoodle shake. Oooh I usually just do plain cookies and cream and ice and water, yum!.

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