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For any further help you can contact me through the contact me form giving reference of instant query. Feb 26, 2015 Rating Clarification on Triphala Dosage by: Stir vigorously and drink the mixture. Please help me to lose my weight. Here is a simple home remedy for weight loss.

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Ideally after taking triphala go for a walk or do yoga. Editors Note Yes, after boiling strain the water and then drink. I got married 6 month ago. Eat the raw garlic with the milk. Yes there will be laxative effect for first 2-3 days which can be a problem for working people. After I wake up, I aloe lemon for weight loss mix 1.

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It will be most helpful if you can share whether you made any changes to your exercise aloe lemon for weight loss or diet also. Editors Note Yes, after boiling strain the water and then drink. I am in private job with sitting. Durga Hello I am Durga. Editors Note I suggest take triphala once a day preferably in the morning. Please advise can i take this powder for weight reduction and stops it after few months.

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Anandi Sir I am 59 yrs old. Anonymous Hi, I had a C-section and tubectomy in for second delivery. If you do yoga for six months and lose weight, your body will naturally get in shape. Please reply how can I do this. I have a 2. I have hypothyroid and Bp. Also I am suffering from high blood pressure problem and have been on medicines for last 1 month for that. aloe lemon for weight loss

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