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Thank you Paul and Shou-Ching for your incredibly healing book. The groats will have a slimy texture, but that is perfectly normal. His ratio went from 3. Old time thyroid docs did this with no lab tests to guide them. Here is an interesting article mentioning the positive association of red meat consumption with age related macular degeneration and the negative association of AMD with chicken consumption:.

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It has been a long time since I have made a buckwheat porridge, now I am craving one. This is the reference 25 regarding the potential of simultaneous high zinc and high copper intake to cause ALS. I also bought that blender your recommended. Am a newbie into the raw foods arena and this brekkie absolutely blew me over. I developed a liking towards fish and chicken but cooking it at home is still challenging for me. I have tried taking boiling water then adding cinnamon powder to it. I had been eyeing up this recipie for the last few days hoping I would like it.

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Thank you for this recipe and the step by step instructions and pictures. Will check back after a few weeks on it. So, am looking up to you for valuable guidance. This was NOT easy-he is very stubborn. So delicious — had it for breakfast this morning!!.

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I love the overnight oats, and I love buckwheat. I added some Chocolate PB2 and heated it up and it is so good!. Words seem inadequate to express thanks for that. Mix together the oats, flour, cinnamon, baking powder and salt. This week I stop eating at 7 pm and drink this mix before bed. I started with fruit and sweet potatoes and it was hard to stop eating them at first. Angela, did you find that the results were gritty at all?.

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