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Ask your doctor if you can stop using the drugs and how you can substitute for it. There are many over-the-counter medications available for run-of-the-mill nausea, indigestion, and cramping. However, mum makes these awesome slow roasted tomatoes with fresh garlic, mixed herbs and salt…amazing. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Drugs a good panacea that make you feel you are fixing something, but the problems continue to grow. Here is a short list of some natural Chelators:.

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Facebook Google Twitter Tumblr Pinterest. Doctors and Nutritionist say. May have been the medicine I was taking, but I had been taking it for a week and not getting better. Still pretty damn tasty though. Visit a doctor if the stomachache lasts more than 24 hours, if the pain is sharp, or if the belly feels hard. You take it in the morning and spend the rest of your day living your life.

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It was good, but it shrunk four cups worth down to a measly cup. Article Info Featured Article Categories: If you experience indigestion or heartburn frequently, you should focus on treating the cause of your indigestion rather than simply addressing its symptoms. Walk slowly at first, then more briskly. Check your consumption of nitrates and anti-inflammatory drugs. A Anonymous Oct 30, 2016. Wear clothes that are loose around your waistline.

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The bigger the size, the longer the cook time. With Angioprim, patients feel they are given a second lease on life. Not Helpful 11 Helpful 74. Next, consider taking home remedies. Most of the same treatments will work. Drink a small glass in the AM, and a small glass in the PM to help with constipation. How can you make the right choice?.

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