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Have lost about 6 pounds have less appetite . For Weight Loss "Used Bleviq for 2 mos. with no results . So glad to find this group to be able to get feedback on?.

Hi Lisa, First off, we are pleased to hear that you had success on the program. For Obesity "Have been on contrave for nine months now and have lost 72 lbs. There are plenty of white voters, enough for Trump to win. I plan to work hard with healthy eating, exercise, and this pill as needed. We look forward to sharing in your success, Ronald. I was then sent another 2 bottles in December without ordering or without approving that the money be taken out of my account.

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We are sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the foods and found the plan difficult to understand. I do get hungry, but my willpower is much stronger now. Only side effects have been constipation and dry mouth but both have been tolerable". Needless to say, I will never use this product again. And I have noticed a tendency towards flatulence with some of the foods. When I called the company they said that I had ordered the bigger bottles, I argued who has lost a separate feed feedback and results them and this did no good. Some supplements can cause bad interactions with certain drugs.

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Anonymous taken for less than 1 month December 5, who has lost a separate feed feedback and results. I also exercise 5 to 7 days a week too. And the products are making me sick now, I switched to regular food and eating frequently, doing everything I did except not using Herbalife anymore and I feel great. I apparently am not getting through to anyone at their company. I have taken this before maybe 10 years ago and did really well I wore a side 22 pants and in a year was down to a side 12. Lipozine really works and I recomend the product to anyone who wants to lose weight.

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Then the following month, my health started to deteriorate. Very good customer service. A kind voice and caring Counselor can make a huge difference in your experience on the plan. My father use this shake for control blood sugar. She just told me that they would remove the charge!.

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