Rabbit is not eating and losing weight

The domesticated rabbit is a rare food option for most Americans. The meat is comparable to poultry and provides an economical alternative to larger.

Some examples of nutritious greens are: I am at 130 pounds today. Humans are not designed to live off of one food type alone. A couple of years ago i slimmed down ALOT like 3 stone…. The beauty of this diet is that it rabbit is not eating and losing weight the one mouthful leading to another effect, which was my downfall and the only reason I ever got fat in the first place. Lettuce was served on the tables of the Persian kings — 6th century B.

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I immediately went through my pantry and fridge in my apartment and threw everything out. And chickens were kind of rabbit is not eating and losing weight, people who had chickens kept them for eggs, eating only the older ones, and the roosters not needed for breeding. I thought this would be a place where I can post my results along the way. Kgs are fine by me. Many of the commercial diets are based on chicken, so try canned beef, venison, duck, turkey and other meats if possible. I had a dove get caught in our coop a few years ago. I have one though that will attack roosters when she gets tired of them.

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Give it another little while and you may discover that your scale weight drops by a rabbit is not eating and losing weight or two overnight. Hi David and all. My dog is a mutt, 14yrs old, and has been acting strangely as of late. Rabbits are easier to pack if you have to get out of an area fast, than chickens. I wanted to do push-ups and sit-ups every day. When first introducing greens for any rabbit, do so one type at a time every three days to make sure your rabbit is handling things well. I am sure the health benefits realized by losing several pounds will be good.

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The effectiveness of diets vary from person to person and I cannot guarantee that taking this approach will work for you. I have a male Muscovy duck that does that…even to the chickens. Thank u for the encouragement ,i will post rabbit is not eating and losing weight and let u know how this one meal a day diet is working for me. I immediately went through my pantry and fridge in my apartment and threw everything out. Did I eat too much?.

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