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I’m not wrong. Do you ever wonder why 3rd world countries have no morbidly obese people. I can tell you that weight doesn’t come from nowhere.

Perhaps you should reread his posts. Wow Frank, I see the time lapse between our comments but I hope you have the opportunity to see this post. The former glamour model posted a picture on her Instagram appearing thinner around the waist. Gaining 40 pounds because of meds, OK. She never tried once she cheats.

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But there is a small number of people people who have lost weight before and after photos men do not eat their way to the weight, and despite exercise and good nutrition, cannot lose it. I was tested by an endocrinologist and was positive for the excess androgens in my blood. She does eat too much. You, and others like you, are the reason that admittedly small number people who have a metabolic issue cannot get decent medical care and inevitably agree to gastric bypass surgery or just give up completely. Alicia Briggs, 24, lost 110 pounds after her vertical sleeve gastrectomy in August 2016.

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Whitney is amazing in her attitude, energy, determination and she can dance better than 99 percent of thin people. Dustin LaJaunie has come along way from the 425 lbs. For some it started when we were toddlers. Also googling spiffy words to make yourself seem intelligent is pathetic. Now go pop your pills, eat your cheese burgers and calm down!.

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Maybe you should try backing up your inane comment with some statistical facts, and real numbers. Weight-loss helps some women, but some women lose weight, and it exacerbates their symptoms beyond what they had in the beginning. Some have between 50g and 80g of fat, including a Roast Beef recipe. Well I wish you luck on your journey. Honey, I suggest you get some help. But some of them were just vapid, and so judgmental of others.

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