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Britney Spears ballooned to 240 pounds around the time of his 30th birthday. Continuing to eat an unhealthy diet after the procedure can cause patients to gain weight Oprah Winfrey and slimming back. Oprah Winfrey When it comes to weight-loss tabloid fodder, Oprah, 59, reigns supreme. The transformation of Oprah Winfrey and slimming Galifianakis continued January 25 at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, where the actor was barely recognizable from years past. He buffed up for roles as a soldier in "Bluestone 42" and an athlete in "Me Before You.

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Christian Bale This Batman famously lost a startling 63 pounds to play a chronic insomniac in the film The Machinist. Fast weight gain can be bad news too, particularly for the heart and joints. Kirstie Alley Oprah Winfrey and slimming out to lose 30 pounds in 2014, but she went above and beyond and lost 50. In September, he told People he is not setting a specific number in terms of his goal Oprah Winfrey and slimming weight loss. In 2008, she pledged to lose 80 pounds, and tweeted in September 2010 that she had just 30 more to go. Talk show host Wendy Williams lost 50 lbs over three years and said in February 2017 that she is keeping the weight off.

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Jessica Simpson showed off a supersvelte look in a Weight Watchers ad released in February 2014. After losing 80 since January 2010, Carey told People Oprah Winfrey and slimming he no longer needs medication for his type 2 diabetes. What started as simple 30-minute daily walks became Oprah Winfrey and slimming training sessions, and, eventually, Hilton, 35, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira Jr. John Goodman The actor, perhaps best known for his beefy Dan Conner on Roseannetipped the scales at 368 pounds in 2007. His weight had fluctuated throughout his life, but he had always gained the 30- or 40-pound losses back. Today, he watches his portion sizes and exercises regularly to stay around 200 pounds.

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He had dropped from 214 pounds to a slight 160 in just nine weeks. Winfrey has lost 30 pounds and reportedly recently told a few fellow Weight Watchers members that having a Oprah Winfrey and slimming loss buddy has made all the difference. Walking 5 miles every day and giving up sugary drinks. She had slimmed down from a size 16 to Oprah Winfrey and slimming slender size 6. Valerie Bertinelli In 2007, after reaching 172 pounds, the actress became a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig and lost 50 pounds.

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