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Please refer to the Herbalife official website to contact customer service in regards to any refunds. Has anyone had this happen to them. Is there any side effect on height as its his growing age. Keep up the great work. Nd 1 more thing sir I heard. A wife, mother, business owner, community leader, church member, and world changer.

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There is one flavor I do not like, and that is the cafe latte. Please visit the Herbalife official website to contact their supportive customer service department. So were the pills mandatory to help aid you with the weight loss or will the shakes, healthy eating and exercise be sufficient. I saw lots of comments but all are using this shake for weight loss while i recently started this for weight gain!. I just started using Herbalife last week.

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Bro Herbalife end up costing you about three dollars a meal. The challenge is to do it and love it. I think you and many other people have a general misunderstanding of the Herbalife products. Can i expect my weight reduce to 70 kg as per my height and age standards. I have used Herbalife on and off for 5 or more yrs.

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Is it that Herbalife products can cause harm to kidneys. I slept maybe 30 to 45 minutes. He was the first Distributor. The clinical studies, the case histories and the science are all here in plain, direct language. If you have tried it please let me know how it went. Told to replace one to two meals a day with this and snack on fruits and veggies in between.

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