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Long hair and beards - wow - I never saw a RnR band with long hair. Perhaps the real question is: Jann Wenner hates the Monkees. If you have several essential recordings, but lots of misfires, your legacy will be watered down. Who among the inductees is best known for their live performances. Do the musicians that were influenced have to be in the HOF?.

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Sonic Youth or The DC5. Posted by Roy on Thursday, 10. Posted by jessie on Friday, 08. This means he should have been inducted in 1995. Posted by Keebord on Wednesday, 01.

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I would also be more cautious than you about heaping the love on your pantheon of post-punk idols. This is not like sports. Perhaps a change in the voting board might lead Now photo Alla Pugacheva thin photo 2016 extra nominees, perhaps up to 6 or 7 in a year. Well, there are plenty of influencers at the top end of the sales spectrum. He published his memoirs, Hal Blaine and the Wrecking Crew, in 1990. You just keep adding people to your list and it is totally ridiculous. No extensive multi-tracking, no wah pedal, no modern for 67 distortion.

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They achieved a large amount of commercial success. Explain exactly how The Doobie Brothers impacted rock without innovating or Now photo Alla Pugacheva thin photo 2016. Blaine also established a fruitful relationship with Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson, for whom he served as the first-call session drummer. The DC5 belong in. I think their impact on prog rock and pop music says it all.

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