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Before and after weight loss pictures. Hello Angela-I have never been hooked on a blog before!. You are a true inspiration.

You look like you are much younger now, too. So much younger and healthier. If you notice that your weight loss motivation is waning, give yourself a break from your diet or exercise plan for one to three days, Klapow says. Your tips are realistic and attainable. Now I need to shed my extra baggage!!.

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Thanks for the inspiration!. Everyday can be a bit different, but be encouraged that your change is real and has been a blessing to others. Are you strict paleo. You look younger now. I can only imagine the stresses with all you were trying to accomplish. I am so impressed by your achievements and wish you the best!. Do you have any advice or ideas for motivation?.

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Your recipies are fantastic. Weigh and measure everything. The awakening process for you was something I could relate to. Thanks for your blog and I am beginning my training for my very first half marathon in Feb 2013. What a wonderful post — and congrats to you on your hard work and success. Like most, my story is the same and I just got married weeks ago.

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My son in-law just showed me that app i. COM newsletter and reading all the wonderful tips and information provided there. Thank you for sharing, seriously. I too have the same struggle. You look like you are much younger now, too. I still have to watch what I eat as in limiting treats but if I eat healthily and listen to my body my weight stays rock steady. Thanks for such an amazing blog!.

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