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Anyway, the point is, this diet is not for everyone. I feel this product is being totally mis sold. Yes I do understand that you are not the doctor. Audio part was on this site: I weight 475 pounds. I am trying to eliminate Im very active person women I play basketball. My entire family is also vegan…will intensive training for fat loss training program be problem as well?.

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I think if you focus and go hard for 25 days you intensive training for fat loss training program be very happy with results and motivated to continue with a healthy lifestyle. The exact same thing happened to me. Would it be possible to get an idea of what it contains so I can then decide whether to buy it or not. I also asked what he recommended I do, since I am a weekend, 12-hour shift night worker, and up days during the week. Measure your width, across your hips and waist and see whether you lost inches. Hi Sheena, The program is effective, but it requires you to work hard with your workouts.

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Are the fast days extreme. I am starting on the 12th. You need to consult with your doctor about this. SB, Thanks for the nfo. Should I continue with today — Protein depletion day. May 8, 2010 at 8: The best thing you can do is get started as soon as you can.

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Hello Adrian I am 43 year old man having 98 KG weight and height is 5-6". Fill the online form below to arrange a 20-minute online consultation. So If you stick with the program and follow as closly as possible you will acheive results: Hi Cher, This is a program that does include resistance training. Day 2 I lasted until 8 pm.

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