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I have been lowering and raising my calories Im an athlete and I can not lose weight macros for the last five months or so and trying to lose weight, I have hovered with a 5lb loss or gain. In fact, the whole point in the article was to show that calorie calculators are wrong, or at least can be inaccurate for many people. Also, I am having headaches these days. Where are all the fruits and veggies. Just happened to stumble upon this excellent site. I rarely see anyone need to go below 10 times. Again, what macronutrient ratio do you recommend?.

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I have previously been doing cardio for at least 60 minutes, but usually 120 minutes a day in an attempt to burn remaining body fat. Are you making progress in the gym. I really need help please. My husband drives truck for a living and he has really long days. Keii No neither glute is noticeably larger than the other. The vega nutritional shake works well for me plus I eat a lot of shelled hempseeds and almond butter. Make 30 minutes in the morning a dedicated strength training time.

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For each meal, take 1 protein beef, chicken, fish, egg1 carb beans, potatoes, fruit, whole grainand 1 veggie broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, etc. Raise your calories up and let what weight is going to come off, come off. Should I be doing that also. Have you taken body fat measurements. I drink lots of water and herbal teas too.

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This definitely would have saved me several weeks of trial and error. Why not try what I laid out in the article. October 5, 2011 at 12: In addition, when you have such wild swings in calorie intake, you body stores those extra calories much easier. I would estimate my calories are roughly between 1700 and 200 calories per day.

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