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These delicious low carb cream cheese pancakes taste like skinny fried cheesecakes. They can also be made without sweetener and rolled to make delicious keto wraps!.

I am not a fan of eggs. I made a carrot cake and would like to decorate it with a family treeā€¦so need some colour in it. So glad you liked these Tamatha. I sprinkle those on as soon as I frost so that they stick to the frosting. Both were very good.

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These pancakes are ridiculous. How that is, warrants its own discussion. And you can absolutely ice the cake the day before and refrigerate it overnight. If you use a stand mixer, I would use the paddle for the cream cheese. I will try bake red velvet for my friend wedding cake. I only get 4 with a hand mixer.

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I just found your site today. So glad you were able to make these work for you. It was a little lumpy, but cooked just fine. You can add lemon zest or orange zest. I only have cconut flour or almond meal.

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The gravy was like a miracle happening in my kitchen. Not the whipped tubs. I have a brand new jar of coconut oil that I have never used but always read about it. Let me know if you have any other questions. Is this the current recipe. I love crepes and these were somewhere in between. I made these for breakfast this morning and they are SO good.

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