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You are such an inspriation and this practically brought me to tears. Why lie to a fat girl telling her eat all you want. And I want him to choose a lifestyle conducive to his needs, but I want to be able to cook and share meals with him after we get married. About 25 lbs of those came after my sweet daughter. I suppose I lost weight before and after photos losing so much weight my appetite stayed […]. If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e mail.

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Excuses are so easy to come by. FYI — I love your blog. You have inspired me to stay tough. Like it is almost okay for people to make snide remarks because a person is overweight. Doreen is 70 and was with was other trainers for one year prior to training with me. No, the home made is the real deal!.

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When I was 13 I developed a very negative self image, which of course lead to varied Eating Disorders, that plagued me for over 20 Years. Way to go, you are just radiant. By referring to people as gross it reflects more on you than it does them. I found your blog and your story via Pinterest and I am so grateful I lost weight before and after photos the wonderful inspiration. She could be me.

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Obviously you are completely unaware of commissary. Especially the part about not counting calories and weighing yourself on a scale. See I lost weight before and after photos photos of Maddie and read her story. But I had a chance to scroll through your journey. I am working at a vegan diet for recovery from stage 4- really bad breast cancer. I trained for my 3rd half marathon and my first try-a-triathlon with Eric. See more photos of David and read his story.

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