I am 48 years old and I can not lose weight

I'm Over 40 and I Can't Lose Weight. What am I doing . exercise doesn't always work the same way on a 40-something-year-old body as it does on a.

All commenters are considered to be nonmedical professionals unless explicitly stated otherwise. Except 6 lbs a month would be fantastic. What is going on. Sharing links to sites that are relevant to the topic at hand is permitted, but advertising is not. I am a little upset at the two or three persons that claim they give up after this article. Login Contact Us Search.

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For instance, you might have trouble losing weight if you take drugs for: I had design app "3-in-1 Stopwatch" to help calculate Calorie. I use MyFitnessPal to log, with a goal of 1200. I do not want to be 60-80 years old and have to live with the ailments that come with diabetes. I always stick to this bar one day a week on a Sunday when I will have a "day off" I have not lost one single pound.

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Exercise is couch potato and exercise when I feel like it walk 3. My gl is 200 all the time no matter what I eat. Kim Please help, I have tried everything. When you take a pass on that first meal of the day, it can work against you. I try to measure my calories as I seem to intaking around 1500 per day. Kim I eat between 1200 and 1300 calories a day during the week, and maybe 1500 on the weekend. Or you may not have enough lean muscle mass.

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I always stick to this bar one day a week on a Sunday when I will have a "day off" I have not lost one single pound. Both Hospital and Private Practice experience. Thought it was a miracle only to step on the scale for the next few weeks loosing nothing and then gaining back the two. It is the continued over consumption of carbohydrates. Bitter Melon Diabetes News. And gained the weight. You also may be slowing your metabolism too much by undereating.

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