How to use honey and cinnamon for weight loss

Studies have shown that including a scoop of cinnamon into your daily diet can help you lose weight. A teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder added.

Did that make any difference for me. I eat forest honey which are taken from wild bees in forest near my town and after a month i feel much healthier than before. I need to lose at least 25 kg. Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss. Im confused as to if this works or not since some of u are claiming its a hype.

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Cinnamon can help lessen your appetite, making it easier for you to make it from one meal to the next how to use honey and cinnamon for weight loss the need to eat an unhealthy snack. Mix the cinnamon and honey in the cup and make a paste. Thank you in advance for all your advice. Honey and cinnamon combination is one of the best one that deals with many health problems including weight loss, heart diseases, arthritis, toothaches, regulating blood pressure, curing skin problems, relieves stress, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi i am interesting abt cinnamon and honey. Hi all I have been giving this a try for two weeks now and have not have had any success at all Wondering what is the average time of losing weight. So which is the right measurement. For it to be effective Ros drink everything. For quick results apart from trying how to use honey and cinnamon for weight loss cinnamon — honey method, you have to exercise daily, eat a nutritional diet, reduce the carbohydrate intake and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and flush out toxins.

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Well, I recommend you how to use honey and cinnamon for weight loss start in the evening and make one cup of tea of honey and cinnamon drink at a time. I kinda like the taste with cinnamon stick boiled in water and then i add honey. I have not seen any weight change. But you do have to buy the raw stuff definitely not the processed stuff you get at most grocery stores. HCA acts as a modulator of lipid metabolism meaning that high doses of Garcinia Cambogia extract containing HCA can significantly suppress fat accumulation and accelerates fat break down proved by a study.

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