How to clean the sides and abdomen after cesarean delivery at home

Whelping supplies you will need during the stages of labor, and keeping accurate whelping records are discussed.

Anytime there is an opening in the skin, even as pulling out an ingrown hair, you an get an infection and even an old scarred area is vulnerable. I am not pregnant. The Weekly Health Quiz: Then pat it ever so gently dry. My OB, and the ER physicians who treated me for this situation are giving me conflicting answers and I am very confused and agitated. This is a sign that you may have some adhesion problems.

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Hi, my name is Ariyanna and I am 23 years old. I was just wondering if anyone knows what it might be. What are the risks of being pregnant and having another baby. Marlowe, and seven of his classmates - three boys and four girls — selected at random and ordered to be in attendance. Hi, i had a csection four months ago and am currently on depo provera birth control. Have you see your doctor about this pregnancy yet?.

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You may want to ask you doctor about it. I had csection a month ago and started to. Is there any kind of exercise that helps with adhesions. I seem to have ibs symptoms also, will get crampy and naseaous and have a loose bowel movement then feel ok, but the rest of the time bowel movements are pretty normal i have always had issues with constipation since childhood. The recovery has been very difficult. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Having such pain is not normal and it should be treated.

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Unfortunately the only fix is more surgery to remove them, although laparoscopic surgery is much less invasive. Michelle, Unfortunately this is a little out of my area of knowledge. Now 41 and resigned to having no more children I have noticed a hard bump of tissue above my caesarian scar, noticable when wearing fitted clothes. My children are 13, 6, and 2. Management of herpes in pregnancy. It also happens when I move my leg. I have just been curious if this is a normal thing for c-section scars?.

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