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How much cardio should you be doing to lose weight. 30 minutes. 1 hour. Should you even be doing it at all. Here's how to determine what's right for you.

Promise yourself that if you can follow this for six weeks and exercise if that is one of your goalsyou will treat yourself to a pedicure or a massage. I struggle with raising my heartbeat. If running is too much difficult for you, start with brisk walking for shorter distances and gradually build your level of fitness. Instead of heading out, try to make your own meals. I have too many fat in lower abs area. Start gradually — you will just lose less weight.

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What about we older folks that top out at 2 mph and 20 minutes. I appreciate your comment. Love what you did to my body. Maybe dozens of other amounts dozens of other frequencies. SM Santosh Makka Nov 8, 2016. Start doing basic aerobic and cardio exercise. Please let me know how it works for you.

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But I guess, I need to make it a habit considering the numerous health benefits. Bingeing followed by extreme or obsessive measure to cancel out the calories is Bulimia Nervosa. He has been a bit fat throughout his life but his main meals throughout the day are like an omlet, a bowl of cereal and maybe a bag of chips and soda. All the best for your book which looks very interesting. Still long way to go.

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Maybe 325 calories worth 4 times per week. The key is to get strong and get moving. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Does that sound wrong. Get back to it, even if you forget for a day or two.

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