Hepatitis and overweight

Hepatitis is the medical term hepatitis and overweight inflammation of the liver. It can be caused by a number of factors, including viruses (like hepatitis B and C), alcohol abuse, large.

You may need hepatitis and overweight have your stomach pumped Vomit blood Have bloody or tarry stools Are confused or delirious Call your health care provider if: There are several factors that can affect how severe the condition is. DO NOT get tattoos or body piercings hepatitis and overweight instruments that have not been cleaned properly. If you are being treated for hepatitis C, you should call your healthcare provider any time you develop a side effect that bothers you. They can affect the chances that you become an alcoholic. They are also more vulnerable to any infection hepatitis and overweight targets the liver. Specifically, hepatitis C infection rates have increased among young adults in the United States, likely reflecting the epidemic of opioid and injection drug use.

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Hepatitis may start and get better quickly. It may also become a long-term condition. When to Contact a Medical Professional. Treatments will vary, depending on the cause hepatitis and overweight your liver disease. In some people, over time, chronic infection with the hepatitis C virus can damage the liver and lead to cirrhosis.

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Medications Viral hepatitis Autoimmune or inherited liver disease Fast weight loss Malnutrition Some studies show that too much bacteria in your small intestine and other changes in the intestine may be linked to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Pneumonia prevention in adults Beyond the Basics Patient education: Avoid unclean food and water. Your doctor might notice that your liver is a little larger than usual. The content on the UpToDate website hepatitis and overweight not intended hepatitis and overweight recommended as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It can be caused by a number of factors, including viruses like hepatitis B and Calcohol abuse, large doses of certain medications, and poisons. There are two theories as to why bodyweight seems to affect colorectal cancer riskas laid out in a 2013 review.

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Ongoing research—including some of his own—aims to better suss out the relationship between weight and kidney cancer. Your health care provider will talk hepatitis and overweight you about treatment options. A clinical trial is a carefully controlled way to study how well new treatments or new combinations of known therapies work. A history of gallstoneshardened fluid deposits in the organ, is hepatitis and overweight the biggest risk factor for cancer of the gallbladder, hepatitis and overweight to a 2006 study, and gallstones in turn are more common among obese people. Other less common symptoms include nausea, decreased appetite, muscle or joint pain, weakness, and weight loss. People like that often have high cholesterol and diabetes as well. Iyengar, fat tissue itself can be "unstable and inflamed.

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