Food for the stomach of deliverance

Dear Friends of Jesus, Recall my sharing in my last update of a young woman who was rendered mute by a demon power in our last service in Pasadena?.

Their broken heart parts surfaced and spoke to me. I pray your words reach all whose hearts desire healing. I know he knows what he did wrong before. As soon as I kneel, the power falls. Always cover his mind with the Blood of Jesus.

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October 12, 2015 3: For those of you who will choose to remain passive hoping that nothing bad will ever come your way, at least keep this article on the shelf in the event that any serious adversity ever does strike you or any of your close loved ones down the road. A food for the stomach of deliverance of reasons. I did exactly what you told me. My husband drinks alcohol every night, and I know that he finds younger women attractive. LoriChristina - June 19, 2012 at 11:.

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Have finally started in bible studies in my local church. I have been interested for several years of food for the stomach of deliverance type of ministry. If they are married, there is nothing you can do about it. Maybel - November 1, 2011 at 5: I am so grateful you have the ability to see into and explain the torment we live under. I have been called in the early hours also. His family wants to destroy him and his marriage and he does not realise that.

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Need prayer for it to go thru as soon as I food for the stomach of deliverance up. Please pray for me and my husband. Second, because if they wanted to continue to bring great harm, I was prepared to die. Well I have been packing. I called forth the holy angels and they quickly arrived with spears and swords. You are there to Love people whom you see then it is easier to Love God whom you have never seen. You were a very big help.

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