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It looked beautiful on you. Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes and much of the grief is mental. I often find myself coming back to read about your journey when I am feeling ambivalent about my own eating disorder recovery. You are right, all body sizes are real women. Hi, found your blog randomly. We are the same age, and have had very similar struggles with disordered eating and a difficult relationship with exercise, as well as experiences with the Fitness and Weight Loss Blog of grad school and adjustment to life in the working world, and the powerful, monumental shift to a vegan lifestyle. It was quite easy just long.

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You look awesome and kuddos for finally doing it the right way. Your story is such an inspiration to me. I usually read your blog through my RSS feed but clicked onto the site Fitness and Weight Loss Blog see the new look. Angela, Your story is so inspiring. I am struggling with wanting to eat healthy but I have always been a workout nut. I compared your 1st picture to the last picture you posted and wow…what a difference. From about 2003-2008, I battled with what I can now say was anorexia.

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Fitness and Weight Loss Blog glad I found your blog through pintrest. It certainly gives me hope. I also exfoliate my skin several times per week. I too mourn tomatoes when the summer yield is done. Thank you for being so honest and sharing your jouney to happiness…here is to 2010 and to you!!!.

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I can only imagine the stresses with all you were trying to accomplish. Thank you for sharing your story. I know you are not a Fitness and Weight Loss Blog of tofu I actually like it and I have found several recipes for a Tofu-Turkey log, but many of them seem so bland. I have dabbled with vegan recipes for the last 6 months and I can definitely say I am excited to try some of your recipes. I wish you lots of success and happiness.

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