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The squat is the king of exercises to target your butt and thighs, while also providing signficant activation for your trunk. Place your feet side-by-side with toes pointing forward. Do 10 lifts, or until your abductors and obliques are fatigued, and then switch sides. Lift your right leg without letting your hips or legs tilt forward. Use a Swiss ball for a good ab stretch.

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Straighten your legs and tighten your core. Use a ball that will fatigue your upper body and abs by the eighth to 12th rep. The Best Female Workout Routines. The swing movement is also a fantastic core conditioner and the high rep regime will produce a powerful fat burning effect. Place your feet side-by-side with toes pointing forward. To perform these, arch your back over a stability ball e.

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Then, increase the weight over the course of several workouts so that you feel fatigued by the last one to two repetitions. A completely unnecessary exercise and potentially dangerous. You Will Also Like: Hold onto the weight with your right hand and pull it up against your rib cage, elbow pointing to the ceiling, to perform a row. Bodyweight movements where your core musculature is used to stabilize the upper body are much better.

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A Flat Belly — Fast Fitness: Then balance your routine with calorie-scorching cardio. The exercises that follow are not only ineffective but in some cases can cause injury. Lift the medicine ball up and over your head as you lunge. Exercise weekly and at a moderate pace. Mountain climbers can be considered a core exercise but this activity is really a great whole body conditioning exercises. If you do one general ab strengthening exercise, this is it.

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