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I could not do much on the spur of the moment for fear of having a accident. I have recently started taking magnasium as recommended for leg cramps and noticed in the materials that this could have added to my problem. My mobility and muscle tone in general and specifically in my lower extremities has been reduced, however, over the last few years due to bone spurs and arthritis in my right ankle and left knee, which I feel may also be causing my exercises for slimming the abdomen and flanks in men in the gym and sphincter muscles to have lost strength as well. I have suffered for the past 30 years with this. When I met people coming from the opposite direction I would knell down and pretend to tie my shoe.

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I have, however had a problem with my bowel movements for most of my life. I am a 32 year old male. I may be out walking and suddenly need to go. The pelvic floor was physically ejected from my body - ripping me from the base of the scrotal sac to the tailbone. You should soon find it easier to hold on for longer. I was totally demoralised. The tests are quire intrusive but worth it in the long run.

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I have just been diagnosed with celiac disease and have problems with dumping fecally. Just wanted to share my story with you. Inconsistacy of sleeping time due to unusual activities made it difficult to control my diet because some point i had to eat around 2am, which is not what i would do at home. At first my doctor thought it might be IBS, but he ordered a blood test for celiac disease. I am a health professional and have been unfortunate enough to suffer from faecal incontinence on and off througout my adult life but more specificly over the past 20 years.

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I have all day stomach pain every day so think something is up. I can now live a normal life albeit gluten-free no wheat, barley, rye products. IM going to bring a whole new outfit to wear just in case it happens again. But at least upon a visual level black seems to do the trick in concealing this nasty problem. Dr Andrew Ramwell Last updated:.

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