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In the study, people jogged an equivalent of 12 miles per week to significantly reduce visceral fat. I have always weighed about 45kg to 47kg and am 5 ft 2 158cm. The health benefits of water are well-documented. Only help yourself to seconds if you still feel hungry after another half an hour. When shopping, pick individually-sized foods, rather than foods that come in large containers. Researchers at Laval University in Quebec found that high-intensity interval training burns more fat than regular, consistent aerobic exercise.

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Be a Mindful Eater. Because they can reduce your stomach capacity, you might vomit after eating even a normal sized meal. Keep it up and you can achieve mild weight loss without any extra effort. Hi Mike, I have been doing your exercise programme for 8 weeks. As the volume of visceral fat increases, so do levels of RBP4. Did this article help you?.

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So the best way to make sure your metabolism runs smoothly is to get six to eight hours of shuteye each night. Drinking water removes all the extra sodium trapped in your body, which causes water weight in the first place. After a few weeks on your workouts, i can now see lines on the side of my stomach and my abs appearing even more visibly. Can you drink alcohol and still stay lean. Give your body a chance to register as having a full stomach, which can sometimes take a while.

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To improve your ability to burn upper belly fat, make sleep a priority. Up Your Avocado Intake. Set the fork or spoon down between each bite. Several studies have documented this effect. I will be trying it all out.

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