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Yes ignoring the misery, suffering, debilitation of my close relative, horrible for them, horrible for the family, the cost of their treatment so far must have well exceeded their total tax payments for their entire life. In essence, Medicare has redefined the standard abdominoplasty item number squarely aimed at post massive weight loss patients with over hanging skin folds with sweat irritation in the folds. I now use the impromy shakes they taste a bit better then opti but are more expensive one a day and good before and after photos of weight loss on the system minus 60 your in a hurry. Liberating is the word. Yes, but why do people do it when there are other options. I noticed no one has congratulated me. Did you have surgery?.

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After the second op, I had no pain whatsoever and was just on IV panadol for the next 2 days. This helps me a lot. The fatter I am, the hungrier I become, really tough to break the cycle, and the cloud of doom hangs over you. I have been there done that lost 15kg put it back on lost 20 put it back its an endless fight. Terrible I know but my addiction to eating absolute shit is still there and very strong.

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Light weights 20mins Tues Thurs. I find the acid of white wine and some ciders a bit tougher on me so less enjoyable but still can enjoy beer and red wine. This is all good info though so thanks. It is also considered major surgery and involves a lot of commitment, not to mention money for the uninsured. It is the issue of our generation. I guarantee you that they do.

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The current theory is that the sleeve gastrectomy works, quite aside from the physical restriction of how much food can be eaten, by the removal of the stomach well, the majority of it which reduces the amount of hunger hormones, and basically removes physical hunger signals. It all went off the rails around July 2016 when I left my warehouse job to go and work for an IT firm which is the ultimate field I want to get into. After about a week of treating it as conjunctivitis, I noticed I was losing my vision. I tried all the diets, all the weight loss programs weight watchers, etc. BUT and here is the BS factor, not everyone shares the same metabolism.

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